Our Steel panel reservoirs are made from Z275 galvanized steel sheets and hot dipped galvanized tubing. All bolts and nuts are galvanized. The structure carries a 10 year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship. The liner is made of 550 gr. blue/grey/black polyester-net-reinforced P.V.C. with excellent resisitance to U.V. radiation. It carries a 10 year pro-rata warranty against sun damage. The steel panel dam can be assembled by unskilled labour with basic tools. Installation take one/two days depending on the size. The dams only require a simple reinforced ring beam, no concrete slab is needed.The dam is fitted with a 40/50 mm outlet, other fittings and sizes up to 300 mm are optional.

The reservoirs can be fitted with a 60% shadenet structure that inhibits algae growth. The cover prevents insects, leaves and other debris from entering the water.

Reservoirs with the following diameter can be fitted with a galvanized steel dome roof, 6.1m, 9.1m, 12.2m, 15.2m and 18.2m