A quick and lasting solution to water and liquid fertiliser storage.

Steel panel dams have all but replaced concrete dams because of the cost advantage. The dams are also easy to transport and can be erected in minimal time by unskilled labour using basic hand tools. We provide all the installation instructions, with client support. Installation take a matter of one/two days rather than weeks, saving time and money.   

Staalboer manufactures a wide range of steel panel reservoir sizes. Liquid storage capacities are available from 15 000 litres to 1 900 000 litres in heights of 1.3m, 1.9m, 2.5m, 3.1m, 3.9m and 4.9m. The structure carries a 10 year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship. Life expectancy of more than 25 years.

The liquid is contained by a polyester-net-reinforced P.V.C. liner with seams made by a high frequency welding process to provide watertight joints. The liner material resists a wide range of chemicals and carries a 10 year pro-rata warranty against sun damage.

These sink dams do not require a concrete floor and can thus easily be moved from one location to another. Please note that the dams ( or any other structure ) should never stand in water. All run-off water should be led around the dams in such a way that it cannot under wash the dams.

All the steel panel dams can be fitted with a 95% shadenet cover that inhibits algae growth and prevents birds, insects, leaves and other debrits from entering the water.

Reservoirs with the following diameter can be fitted with a galvanized steel dome roof, 6.1m, 9.1m, 12.2m, 15.2m and 18,2m. The steel roof structure is of a space frame construction. This implies a very evenly distributed load on the whole of the structure, including the reservoir side walls. It has got a safe load rating of 350N/mand a safe wind speed rating of 144 Km/h. The complete structure is fully hot-dipped galvanized after manufacturing and is cladded with Z275 galvanized fully hard corrugated steelsheet. We are the only company in the industry that offers this method of construction.

The panel reservoirs are supplied for water and chemical storage, pools, agriculture, irrigation, aqua culture, hydroponics, industrial and mining industries.

All our supplier companies are listed in accordance with the SABS ISO 9001 scheme. Our structures comply with standard engineering specifications. At additional cost an engineering certificate can be obtained.


We are registered as exporters.


The advantages of a Staalboer panel reservoir is :

1. The reservoirs does not need a concrete floor. For the higher dams only a ring beam is required. The concrete ring foundation is cast after erection of the structure. This eliminates stresses in the structure due to unevenness in the foundation. We are the only company in the industry that employs this method of construction.

2. It is a D.I.Y. product with an instruction manual and client support. We have teams that do the delivery and erection as well.

3. Easy to transport, on a long wheelbase singel cap bakkie and/or a 2.5m long trailer. Can be packed in a container for shipment.

4. Our reservoirs are constructed from flat sheet, wich implies that any size or type of fitting at any height can be fitted.

5. The unique fitting of the liner prevents sun damage to the top border of the dam.

6. Space frame construction of steel dome roof.




Steel panel dams of 1.3m high are used for drinking water storage, pools, irrigation, agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, road building, light industrial and mining projects.

Our Steel panel reservoirs are made from Z275 galvanized steel sheets and hot dipped galvanized tubing. All bolts and nuts are galvanized. The structure carries a 10 year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship. The liner i